QA Outsourcing

QA Outsourcing

Have you developed new software and are in need of quality assurance testing for your new product? If you’re having trouble finding the right in-house team of testers, it may be time to consider a software testing outsourcing company like Klik Solutions. Our Software Development Services and Application Testing Services may be the solution for you.

QA Outsourcing Services.

When you sign with our outsourced QA testing services, you get all the evaluation features you could possibly need. To give you an idea of how we can help you outsource software testing services, here is a list of the assessment solutions we offer:

  • Automated assessments. When it’s time to make sure that your product is meeting the strict requirements put in place, you’ll need all-around automation inspections. Here are some of the automation assessments we offer: Strategy, Regression, Custom Framework, GUI, Performance, and Script Maintenance exams.
  • Functionality exams. This may be one of the most important software testing projects in outsourcing because it allows us to see if your software is functional on all platforms or not. Our team can perform this observation on any web or mobile application. For this evaluation, we offer Agile, Regression, Blackbox, Management System, Transparency, Actionable Reporting, Manual, and Automated exams.
  • Performance tests. This form of software QA outsourcing allows us to see what your program can and can’t handle. For example, we’ll check the loading time, how it reacts to a myriad of people logging on at once, the data volume it can handle, and its long-term stability. API, Web Application, and Mobile App performance testing enable us to check these processes.
  • Manual assessments. If you have a temporary project with features that are constantly changing, our manual inspection features are the resolution for you. With our manual mobile and web application services, we’ll make sure your program practices quick startup, detailed reporting, real-user coverage, and unique test strategies.
  • Usability inspections. At Klik, we offer UX expert and user testing to ensure your usability standards are up to par. We start by inspecting your product and target audience. Then, we move on to the assessment plan and scenario drafting. Once that’s done, we’ll implement test cases and give you all of our findings.
  • Mobile app exams. Last but not least, we will create a full analysis of the entirety of your application by using the results from all of the other evaluation techniques. With real devices, simulations, honest reporting, and cloud exams, you’ll know everything there is to know about the program you’ve created.

Why We’re the Right Quality Assurance Outsource Company for You.

The Klik Solutions team likes to offer you exceptional solutions paired with first-rate customer service. Here’s how we achieve these standards:

  • Quality staff members. Here at Klik, we house some of the best IT, developing, marketing, and quality assurance testers around. All of our hand-picked employees share the same goals and values that enable our clients’ companies to really shine.
  • Faster QA advances. When pairing with a reliable outsourcing company, like ourselves, you receive the best time-reducing practices, automated tools, and frameworks.
  • Anticipated costs. We’ll never surprise you with unforeseeable costs. After offering you a transparent list of our solutions and which ones you might need, you’ll have the power to pick and choose between each of them. Only pay a fixed monthly rate for the ones you need.
  • Fresh perspectives. Sometimes, it can be hard for your in-house IT staff to see mistakes in their product. However, we have knowledge of a myriad of processes and the tools to present possible improvements to your platform.

If you’re in need of some quality assurance for your new program call us today at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting.