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All of our offices are filled with dedicated employees that are committed to meeting your requirements, especially in our Ukraine facility. Our offshore software development company in Ukraine offers Software Development Services, Application Development Services, and Offshore Software Development Services. 

Offshore Software Development Services in Ukraine.

Here are some of the unforgettable offshore software development Ukraine solutions we offer: 

Offshore development facilities. The Klik team is happy to assist you in quickly and efficiently setting up your Overseas Development Center, or ODC, in Ukraine. Our staff will provide you with all of the staff and resources you require to get up and running. We can provide developers, customer representatives, and project management at a moment’s notice. By using your internal engineering employees and the external developing team we provide, you’ll have the seamless integration you need to have a successful product.

Devoted staff members. By setting up and sustaining your business in Ukraine, you are receiving all the goal-driven assistance you could ever want. Whether you require one programmer or a group of thirty, we have the supply for your demand. Because we hand-pick employees, we can ensure that you are receiving talented and resourceful programmers, developers, and managerial staff. 

R&D Centers. At Klik Soft we like to have information and processes that we can back up with proof. That’s why we utilize R&D Centers, or Research and Development facilities. This enables us to design and implement a product we know will carry out its intended purpose. This center will be filled with HR management, marketing staff, and administrative representatives. 

Simple recruiting. Finding experienced individuals that are willing to work at low cost in your area can be a difficult task. Outsourcing offshore development teams from Ukraine proves to be a simple and effective solution at only a fraction of the price. 

Our Plan of Action.

We couldn’t possibly make all of this happen without a game plan. So, here it is:

  • Research. First things first, we need to know more about your goals, ambitions, practices, and requirements. So, we start by analyzing your company and finding out what exactly you demand from our outsourcing solutions. Before we get started, we scheme up a plan of action designed around your business needs. 
  • Startup. To get the project started we’ll designate engineers, technical staff, and administrative support to your team. At this time, we’ll focus on administering the training and compliance procedures necessary for your project and business requirements. 
  • Team modifications. Your assigned staff will be fully equipped with the knowledge, culture, and values of your company before they start up on your project. If necessary we will modify our procedures and operations until we see results. 
  • Observation and maintenance. Once the plan has been implemented and the start-up has been successful, we will work tirelessly to ensure smooth sailing for your website and other programs from start to finish. 

Price Models.

Oftentimes, the best price model to pick is the one that fits your budget: 

  • Fixed price. Suitable for small to medium undertakings with clearly written guidelines. This is the least versatile model because changing the plan in scheduling and pricing. 
  • Dedicated development team. Best for long-term projects with ever-changing conditions. This model can handle some serious course changes. 
  • T&M model. If you’re in need of temporary assistance, this is the model you require. All you have to pay for is the expertise required. 

Are you looking to find a dedicated offshore team located in Ukraine to empower your business and reduce costs? Look no further, contact Klik Soft now at 888-959-1196 or Klik here to schedule a meeting.