10 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Software Development Company

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10 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Software Development Company

10 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Software Development Company

December 11, 2023 0 Comments

Choosing the right partner for your custom software development partner directly impacts its success. Due to its importance, this decision deserves a great deal of focus and attention. With a rise in the number of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, finding a software development partner that is a synergistic fit for your company is even more important than before! 

Offering an array of benefits, such as scalability, heightened flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, SaaS companies are invaluable allies for businesses of all sizes. To assist you in evaluating a custom software development company effectively and ensuring a smooth and successful partnership, here are some key questions to consider. 

• How do you estimate project timelines?  

Understanding how your potential vendor calculates project timelines is crucial for planning and resource allocation. Transparency in this process is key, and it’s equally important to discuss how the timeline correlates with the proposed cost at the very beginning before you start collaboration.  

• What is your initial approach to a project?  

A company’s initial focus should be on understanding your business requirements before delving into the technical aspects. This approach ensures that the custom software aligns with your specific needs. So, if the answer is ‘We will start by discovering more about the client,’ congratulations! You’ve likely found the right vendor.  

• What’s your project management style?  

Different companies employ various project management styles, such as agile or waterfall. It’s vital to align this with your working style to facilitate effective communication and keep costs under control. Remember, project managers often prefer agile, because it allows for getting client feedback throughout the project and keeps the costs down.  

• How do you use contractors for the work?  

Understanding the workforce composition is crucial. Companies that favor direct employees over contractors often provide more stability in long-term knowledge and project maintenance.  

• How many developers do you have onsite?  

Assessing the company’s size helps determine its capability to handle your project effectively. Ensure they have an adequate workforce to prevent delays and maintain quality.  

• What is the potential for updates?  

Scalability is vital. Your software should evolve with your business. Discuss the potential for future software updates to ensure long-term cost-effectiveness.  

• Will there be a specific contact person?  

Effective communication is key for successful software development. Having a designated contact person ensures clarity and avoids confusion, keeping you up to date on the project’s progress.  

• How are intellectual rights handled?  

Clarify ownership of intellectual property (IP) and licensing agreements. Understanding these details helps in avoiding potential conflicts down the line. Note, that it’s quite common for custom software development companies to keep a license to reuse some elements of software they’ve once created for past customers. Essentially, it is a “pay it forward” model that benefits all customers.  

• What’s the success of previous projects?  

Reviewing a company’s portfolio and seeking references from previous clients provides insights into its capabilities and reliability.   

• What happens if things change?  

No matter how much attention you put into scoping and defining your project up front, your needs may evolve or even alter radically over time. Any change to the original specification can result in an extra expenditure. Companies that follow the agile methodology provide a much more flexible engagement model. Significant project changes can be considered and approved in a matter of hours.  

Asking these questions will give you insights into your potential vendor’s internal processes, the way they establish collaboration with customers and their level of competence and accountability. All of these insights can help you avoid mistakes and discover the best software development partner for you. Klik Soft is waiting to be your next software development partner. We’re ready to bring our knowledge and top-notch customer service to the table so you get seamless collaboration and software tailored to your specific business needs. Contact us today!  

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