11 Best Secure File Sharing Tools & Software for Business in 2022

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11 Best Secure File Sharing Tools & Software for Business in 2022

11 Best Secure File Sharing Tools & Software for Business in 2022

May 25, 2022 0 Comments

As modern businesses have become more decentralized, with plenty of companies offering remote work opportunities, the ability to share files within just a few seconds is critical. 

With the abundance of file-sharing software platforms available, getting files from point A to point B is now easier than ever. 

However, you must select the appropriate tool to ensure effective collaboration.

1. Files.com 

A cloud-based file management system with file-sharing capabilities. It provides file storage as well as a secure method of sharing files via links. Users can create unique links for each invitee, with the option to end-date access. Accessors to a file can be given permission to download, modify, or simply view it. 

2. ExaVault

A cloud platform with collaboration and sharing features that can be used as a primary file storage system or as a distribution platform. It has a link sharing mechanism that speeds up file transfers. Encryption is used to protect file transfers and storage. Transport Layer Security (TLS) with a 2048 public key encryption system protects transfers. Access to the storage space requires user credentials, and the creation of accounts allows administrators to control activity and track data access for compliance reporting. 

3. FileWhopper 

A pay-per-use file transfer service that specializes in large file sizes. Ideal for businesses that need to send files to multiple clients without creating user accounts or new platforms for secure collaboration. 

4. Dropbox Business

Cloud storage with directory syncing across devices for businesses and individuals, with a free plan for personal use. It is accessible from any device: computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet.

5. Google Workspace Drive

The cloud filespace is part of a suite of productivity tools that competes directly with Microsoft 365. There are free and paid versions of the system. Drive’s environment mimics the File Explorer on a PC and simplifies file storage. The application is not available as a stand-alone system. It is included in the Google Workspace package, which also includes productivity tools like a word processor and a spreadsheet. 

6. OneDrive for Business 

Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which can be integrated into the productivity suite Office 365. The first 5GB of storage is free, and scanning and collaboration tools are also included. 

7. Box Business 

A cloud storage service that can be integrated with G Suite, Office 365, Adobe Sign, and Salesforce. This tool is compliant with data protection standards due to its strong encryption. 

8. Citrix ShareFile 

A file sharing application that allows you to save files and documents to the cloud making them accessible from a single platform. Many businesses use Citrix ShareFile to send large files. The file sharing software includes an email plugin, allowing you to easily send files via email. 

9. Apple iCloud 

A cloud storage solution that works seamlessly with Apple’s operating systems. Windows computers can also access files, and the first 5GB of storage space is free. Updates are automatically distributed to all of your devices. As a result, if you add a new file to iCloud, it will appear everywhere. Similarly, if you or a member of your team makes changes to a file, the changes will be shared with everyone. Apple iCloud uses automatic backups to protect the information you store online. 

10. FileCloud 

A cloud storage service with a branded console skin that can be customized. Can be managed on-site or as a hosted service. The solution has a built-in ransomware and virus protection which is convenient for sysadmins.  

11. WeTransfer Pro 

A free secure file transmission system with the option of paying for additional storage. File access tracking is included. Key Features of the tool include an ability to transfer files up 200 GB each, get up to 1 TB of cloud storage and to share files with up to 50 users. 

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