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Does your business need an app? 

Does your business need a mobile app? 

December 6, 2022 0 Comments

Only a few years ago, having a business app was considered nice to have rather than a necessity. However, as the number of smartphone users grows, an app becomes a great tool for being right at your clients’ fingertips, making the customer experience more fulfilling. Obviously, you don’t want to be behind your competitors who have already gone mobile. At the same time, developing and maintaining a mobile app requires some investment.

So, does your company really need to develop an app? 

First and foremost, you must distinguish a mobile app from a mobile or responsive website.  

A mobile or responsive website is accessed through a browser and needs an Internet connection. A mobile app is a software program that must be downloaded from the app store. While mobile apps can access content from the Internet, they can also provide content within the downloaded app, eliminating the need for Internet access. These apps can then be accessed locally at any time from a user’s device.  

What advantages can an app provide for your business?  

For some businesses like travel or e-commerce, taxi services, or food delivery, apps are tools for increasing customer base. It’s seems simple and obvious, but for some companies, the advantages of having mobile apps are not so obvious. So, we’ve compiled a list of customers’ needs that you can address with an app.  

Better Customer Service. 

The app can assist you in improving customer service and interaction. Businesses that are drowning in customer communication would benefit from an app that allows users to find some specific information they need, receive instant customer service, manage their accounts, or leave reviews. In other words, your business app can serve as a personal customer service center.  

Improved Internal Communication.  

If you use your app for your internal company’s needs, it can be turned into an easy-to-use internal communication tool. Document sharing, messaging, video chat features, event listings and registrations, and feedback forms are a few of the ways a mobile app can encourage collaboration in the workplace and connect remote offices or employees.  

Instant information delivery.  

The use of push notifications is one of the most advantageous aspects of having a mobile app. Push notifications are messages that are sent from the backend server to the user and appear somewhere on their screen. They are usually opt-in on the user’s end and do not require the user to be in the app to receive them. Push notifications have a high click-through rate and can be used to send messages to your users whenever you want to notify them of special offers, breaking news, local data, and more.  

Higher Brand Recognition.

When a user downloads your company’s app, even when they are not using it, they will see your brand logo while swiping through their devices. Making wise choices for your app’s icon and logo designs is critical here, as this is what the user will see and recognize. They may not require your services at the time, but chances are that when they do, your brand will be the first to come to mind.  

Mobile apps have valuable perks for your business, and there is more to them than you may have first anticipated. If you would like to develop your business app and enjoy its benefits, feel free to contact our team and get a comprehensive consultation on this topic.  

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