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Fingerprint-based ATM System

Fingerprint-based ATM System

August 17, 2022 0 Comments

Fingerprint technology is a well-accepted and mature biometric technology that is simple to develop and use for a high level of security at the fingertips. It is simple to implement and requires little time and effort to register one’s fingerprint with a fingerprint identification device.

A fingerprint-based ATM system is a desktop application that uses the user’s fingerprint as an authentication method. Because each person’s fingerprint minutiae differ, the user can be identified uniquely. Fingerprint-based ATMs are safer and more secure than ATM cards, and you no longer need to worry about losing your cards. A user only needs to login using his fingerprint, enter the pin code, and complete the transaction to check the balance, withdraw, or transfer money from his account.

Features of the fingerprint-based ATM system:

  • Simple log in procedure: The user logs into the system with his fingerprint.
  • Add Pin Code: To complete transactions, the user must scan their finger and enter their pin code.
  • Cash withdrawal: The user can withdraw cash by entering desired amount.
  • Instant Money Transfer: The user can transfer money to other accounts by entering the account number.
  • View Balance: The user can view the account balance.
  • View Transaction: The user can look through the previous five transactions.

Advantages of the fingerprint-based ATM system:

  • Fingerprint based ATM System is more secure than using ATM cards.
  • The user can conduct transactions using his fingerprint at any time and from any location, eliminating the need to carry ATM cards.

Disadvantages of the fingerprint-based ATM system:

  • If the User’s finger pattern contains cuts or injuries, the system may fail to recognize him.

The fingerprint technology makes the ATM system safer, more reliable and easier to use. Most likely, this technology will become the most promising one on electronic money transaction market.

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