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Four Characteristics of a great app

November 30, 2021 0 Comments

Mass mobile device adoption has changed the way of business and customer interaction forever. It is estimated that the average US adult spends about 3 ½ hours on a mobile device every day. That is why mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications are a must to stay competitive and engage users effectively – and vice versa. A lack of good applications can lead to the loss of opportunities for business development and customer base expansion. However, creating a mobile application is not an easy task. A great idea itself doesn’t necessarily result in a great application. Prior to the development, you must consider some important strategic components. Let’s overview four characteristics of a great application that are sure to take your business to the next level. 

User engagement  

Great user experience starts at an entry point. Intuitive, simple, seamless installation, registration, and onboarding processes result in a critically important positive first impression. An overcomplicated onboarding process discourages customers from engaging with your app. Push notifications are an effective way of driving user engagement. When wisely implemented they can become a great tool that helps to re-engage inactive users while encouraging them to finish incomplete processes. Implementing elements of personalization brings the overall user experience to the next level and results in increased engagement.  

Well-thought attractive UI/UX design  

Studies state that 94% of first impressions are based on mobile application design. So, creating an attractive and well-thought interface is one of the top priorities. UI design distinguishes your mobile app from competitors and captures customer attention. The next step is to ensure simple intuitive navigations while keeping consistent design throughout the entire app. Keeping all design elements uniform across the app helps improve the visual appearance and assists with content comprehension.  

Speed and response 

Slow applications have no chance of surviving a competitive environment. Nowadays users expect apps to be lightning-fast, so a great app should respond instantly to user input. Performance and load testing an application during development will help identify potential bottlenecks in your app.   

Intuitive navigation and search features  

Intuitive and simple navigation is a must for a great application. Users expect apps to be natural and obvious to them. Keep in mind, that a high volume of content requires a search feature. Your users will likely not waste their time searching for content they need within the app.   

Klik Soft will help you to create truly great apps that your customers will fall in love with. Our team has extensive experience in the creation of various digital applications – from simple apps to enterprise-level solutions. Check our services out and let’s make your mobile app shine!  

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