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How to make your business software easier to handle

December 14, 2021 0 Comments

Any business software can be updated and modified over time to match ever-changing business needs. This is one of the key benefits of custom software. However, it requires an IT support team capable of handling issues and adding some additional features to business software.

So, what should you consider making your business software easier to handle?

Let’s look through the main points.

1. Have clear software requirements.

You go through the requirement process when you develop software and while adding new features and add functionality. Requirements help organize the development process in a structured way and ensure that all business needs are considered and met.

2. Analyze the impact.

Keeping requirements in mind, developers will look through your code to decide how it can be modified in the best possible way. Implementing changes in the existing code is more complicated than writing software from scratch because any modification can potentially impact an existing software and end-users. For instance, if you add new fields into a registration form, does it mean that already registered users will need to update their accounts? If so, how will you inform them about this?

3. Good software architecture makes your life easier.

A well-designed and architected software make a modifying process easy. When software is built to last, it is created in a structured and organized way. It is easy to understand and support. Its code is clean and allows to bring the new features in without concern of ruining your application.

4. Test it!

Even the slightest modification requires comprehensive software testing. There are no minor issues when it comes to quality. Remember that positive user experience and customers’ loyalty depend heavily on software quality. So, beyond testing new features, the entire application needs to be reviewed to discover any unexpected impacts. In Quality assurance, it is called end-to-end testing.

5. Remember about code control

Don’t underestimate the importance of code management or code control. Once your application has been released, code control is even more crucial for software support. While your development team is working on the next release, your current version still needs to be supported.

To sum up, a solid foundation, clean code, well-thought architecture, and skilled support team are the pillars of making your business application easier to handle. The risks that can be caused by modifying an existing software can be avoided through requirements, impact analysis, testing, and code control.

If you are thinking about modifying your apps but don’t have a dedicated team, don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation and support. Klik Soft is your reliable software partner that takes off your IT-related stress.

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