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How much does it cost to design a mobile app?

December 21, 2021 0 Comments

First, let’s figure it out why investment into app design is equally important as investments into its development and testing. Well-thought and quality executed UI/UX design is a critical component to any mobile app success. An attractive interface helps to draw users’ attention and stand out from competitors. The next step is seamless onboarding that is essential to reduce the abandonment rate. Plenty of apps are removed just within several hours after installation because of slow performance, complex onboarding, and registration process, and inconvenient interface. Smart UX design is the way to gain customers’ loyalty, increase users’ engagement rate and convert users to regular clients. In other words, a professionally designed application turns users into loyal customers by solving their problems.  

Factors that impact a mobile app design cost. 

Simply put, the cost of mobile app design is the project time multiplied by experts’ hourly rate. Obviously, the more features application has, the more time it takes to design it. So, the major factors that impact a mobile app design cost are: 

1. The level of complexity and additional features.

For example, for complex mobile apps such as Uber, it takes 350+ hours to design it.  

Cross-platform. The number of platforms to design your application for is a significant cost-shaping factor. Every operating system has guidelines that ensure the interfaces look and feel like an integrity part of the OS. Depending on whether you are building an app for iOS or Android devices, the designer should be aware of the Apple Store or Play Store design guidelines. 

2. Business requirements and project documentation availability.

Every design project starts with eliciting business requirements and analyzing market competition, target audience, and actual industry trends. Such analysis allows to clarify business goals and define users’ needs the app aims to address.  

3. Designer’s hourly rate.

The location of the design team and their qualification make a great impact on the final cost. Companies can either go for an in-house design unit or outsource design to an external vendor. Outsourcing software design and development allows optimizing expenses by eliminating recruitment costs, license fees for the designer tools, office maintenance, hardware, etc. As for wages, specialists from Eastern European countries offer good quality and charge lower hourly rates compared to their colleagues from North America or Western Europe   

How to reduce app design cost. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to it, however, we can share some useful tips for design cost optimizing.  

1. Focus on key features. 

Don’t overload your future app with non-essential features. Try to keep it simple, effective, and clear. A large number of functions is not always a good idea and might just confuse your customers. You can add functionality overtime if necessary. 

2. Conduct initial market research.  

Conducting in-depth market research prior to designing your app will provide you with valuable insights about your target audience, market trends, and potential bottlenecks.  

3. Start with MVP. 

A minimum viable product that contains only must-have features allows you to verify your app idea and get valuable feedback from real users without investing in a fully-fledged app.  

4. Delegate your app design to professionals. 

Collaboration with an outsourcing design team can be cost-effective and time-efficient. You can choose a team that perfectly meets your expectations while staying within your budget frames.  

Are you ready to design your application? 

Designing an application is much more than just drawing a prototype. It is about offering your users a convenient tool that can help them in solving their problems. If you need professional advice or looking for an experienced team to embody your app ideas – don’t hesitate to contact us

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