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Is there such thing as the perfect application?

November 23, 2021 0 Comments

A perfect bug-free app that delivers a great user experience while bringing significant revenue to software companies is every CTO and development team’s dream. But does such a thing exist? In the real business world, we must deal with budget limitations, strict deadlines, unclear requirements, and many other factors that turn into obstacles when it comes to app development and delivery. What do we generally mean by calling an app “perfect”? Let’s try to figure it out.   

Check and see if you are planning your app correctly 

Proper planning is the cornerstone of any successful app. By ensuring your software product is well-thought-out, you can noticeably reduce the number of bugs and elaborate a detailed timescale for your release cycle.  

A systematic approach is essential for developing any application. Usually, it consists of the following stages:  

  • – Identifying issues that can be resolved by your app.  
  • – Designing a mock-up. 
  • – Implementing ideas into the application using agile methodology.  
  • – Choosing and integrating analytic tools into your application  
  • – Beta testing of your app  
  • – App deployment  
  • – Measuring user experience and getting client feedback  
  • – Application upgrade according to preliminary results.  
  • – Focus on your potential customers and their needs first.  

Your application has a much higher chance of success if you keep the actual needs of your target audience in mind. Think about problems that your application will help them solve. The app should provide your clients with tangible benefits like increased productivity, reduced expenses, optimized time expenditure, and so on, while being user-friendly at the same time.  

Has your app been tested properly?  

Any brilliant idea needs exceptional execution. Statistically, one in every two downloaded apps gets uninstalled within 30 days. Software bugs and inconveniences lead to customer disappointment. So, you must pay due attention to the creation and execution of a structured comprehensive testing strategy and make sure it covers all app features. Remember, that a well-tested application helps you gain and keep customer loyalty.   

Gain insights from customer reviews  

Customer reviews have a great impact on an app’s popularity. Users will unlikely download low-rated applications. Meaning, lots of them make their choice based on someone else’s previous experience and feedback. Turn customer reviews into a source of valuable insights and find out areas to improve in the next app releases.   

So, back to the question of whether it’s possible to develop a perfect app. The simple answer is probably, no. Absolute perfection is almost impossible in the real world with human errors, mistakes, and different views on the same problem. But striving for excellence should become your motto. If your app is bug-free, well-designed, helps to make your customers’ lives easier, and meets their needs backed up by the right marketing, it comes close to being perfect.  

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