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Types of Application Development Services

Types of Application Development Services

September 28, 2022 0 Comments

Businesses all around the world are under constant pressure of expanding their operations quick enough to keep up with changing global markets. The demand for software applications is increasing but any attempt to develop them quickly can have negative effect on their quality. Therefore, starting with high-quality app development is crucial. Three main types of application development include:

Desktop Application Development

Desktop software apps are designed to run on desktop and laptop computers. Windows applications can be installed as either executable files or as Windows Store apps. MacOS applications are typically distributed via the Apple Store, whereas Linux applications are distributed as executables.

Desktop applications are built using a variety of frameworks and languages. They can be classified according to the platform they support or as cross-platform technologies, as well as the programming languages and libraries that are used.

A native application is a software program designed for use on a specific platform or device. Native apps are written in code and are initially designed for the target device and its operating system.

A cross-platform application is one that can run on multiple platforms with little or no modification.

Web Application Development

A web application is an interactive computer program built with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) that is used to perform tasks over the internet by a group or a single user. Web apps are accessed through web browsers and often include a login/signup mechanism.

The process of creating a web application is known as web application development. It is more focused on interacting with the browser than with standard engineering processes. Most cases of web application development

will involve defining the problem, mocking up a solution, engaging with users, deciding on a framework/tool, and finally building and testing the web application – iteratively with users in most cases.

Mobile Application Development

The process of developing a mobile application for use on various mobile platforms is known as mobile application development. A mobile platform is actually a mobile operating system. Android is Google’s mobile platform, and iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system. RIM has Blackberry, while Windows has Windows Mobile. To create a mobile application, each of these platforms has its own set of regulations, rules, and requirements. iOS mobile apps, for example, use Objective C, whereas Android mobile apps use Java.

Application developers understand the nuances of each platform and create them accordingly.

Application Maintenance and Support

The smooth operation of various business critical apps is critical for long-term business growth and excellent customer service. Businesses devote significant resources to app support and maintenance. Software development firms frequently provide additional support and maintenance for apps that they have created.

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