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What is a Converged Database

What is a Converged Database

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

To stay competitive businesses must utilize their data more effectively.  

But as companies develop more apps and analytics, they face a difficult choice: optimize for faster application development now or easier data extraction later. To put it another way, developer productivity or data productivity. 

Internet companies dealing directly with consumers are focused on flat architectures supporting millions of users. Enterprise SaaS companies focused on tens of thousands of companies, each with thousands of users. The former was more focused on the customer experience; the latter more on data integrity and accuracy. Is it possible to bridge the gap between the two? 

Welcome the Oracle Converged Database! 

A convergent database is one that includes native support for all modern data types as well as the most up-to-date development methodologies. 

Spatial data for position awareness, JSON for document stores, IoT for device connectivity, in-memory technologies for real-time analytics, and, of course, traditional relational data are all supported by converged databases.

A Converged Database can perform a wide range of workloads

From IoT to Blockchain to Analytics and Machine Learning, because it supports all of these data types. Microservices, Events, REST, SaaS, and CI/CD are just a few of the development paradigms it can handle. 

When new data management technologies are first introduced, they are usually implemented as independent products. When Blockchain originally came out, it was a separate stand-alone system that required you to store and access data in a completely new, proprietary manner. 

You can handle mixed workloads and data types much more easily by integrating new data types, workloads, and paradigms as features within a convergent database. You won’t have to worry about managing and maintaining multiple systems or providing unified security across them. 

A smartphone is a suitable comparison for a converged database.

Previously, you would use a phone to make phone calls and a camera to shoot pictures or videos. A map or a navigation system would be required to navigate anywhere. You needed an iPod or some other similar device to listen to music. But with a smartphone, all of these products have been converted or converged into one. Each of these products is now a smartphone feature. Because you can stream music or post photos and videos directly to social media, having all of these functions converged into a one device makes your life easier. 

A convergent database is as simple to use and as convenient as a smartphone. At no additional cost, Oracle Database supports Machine Learning, Blockchain, Graph, Spatial, JSON, REST, Events, Editions, and IoT Streaming as part of the core database. It enables you to support a wide range of projects on a single platform, reducing complexity and management while also lowering risk. 

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