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Offshore software development

What is offshore web development? 

September 21, 2022 0 Comments

With digitalization skyrocketing, the concept of offshore software development is no longer a new one. In simple terms it means delegating a software development project to an external vendor that is qualified and capable of handling the required business tasks. Offshore Software Development is regarded as one of the most effective methods for improving project quality while ensuring consistency throughout. 

Software-related services can be offered in a wide range, from web development to web application development, mobile app development, and much more. Offshore software development quite often means that your vendor is located far away from your own country. 

There are several ways of outsourcing software development: 

– Outsource all development and maintenance work to an offshore software development company, which will handle everything from building implementation testing, and application maintenance. 

– Choose to outsource only some tasks, such as developing certain components of your website or app. 

– Hire and manage an entire development team. 

TOP-4 reasons why outsourcing software development is beneficial for business

1. Increased cost efficiency. 

One of the most significant benefits of offshore software development is cost efficiency. The primary reason for this is the difference between wages and hourly rates in different countries and regions. For example, rates for IT professionals from Eastern Europe are lower than in the United States. Furthermore, your external vendor handles all administration and infrastructure processes, which helps to reduce costs. 

2. Flexibility and scalability. 

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility is essential for success and competitiveness. You can scale your offshoring web development team up or down at any stage of the project based on your needs and requirements, changing the scope of your project as needed, and having as much control over the project as you want. However, if your temporary engineers work on your product for an extended period, chances are your company will be unable to function without them. 

3. Faster time-to-market. 

Software development outsourcing is a way to speed up your time-to-market. Avoiding postponements is one of the keys to success in our fast-paced world. With trusted software development partners on your side, you schedule the timeframes and don’t depend on the in-house resources for the product launch.  

4. Access to an international expertise and experience.  

Hiring an external development team allows you to benefit from their experience. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced IT professionals from all over the world, which is very unique.  

Alongside significant advantages offshore web development, there are also some risks, which you must be aware of. 

1. Barriers in communication. 

The key advantage of outsourcing is easy access to a global talent pool, but at the same time, it can cause communication barrier that includes various aspects: cultural differences, working in different time zones, language issues, etc. To avoid miscommunication, use collaboration tools, like Jira, Trello, Asana, and conduct regular stand-up meetings via video or audio. 

2. Contract loopholes. 

Data confidentiality, intellectual property rights protection, liability, and regulatory compliance are a few aspects to pay special attention to while signing an agreement with your vendor. Remember, that each collaboration model has its own legal terms, make sure to learn more about the subject or get a qualified legal advisor. 

3. Security issues 

Security comes first nowadays, nonetheless, many companies fail to deal with the requirements that lead to issues with business procedures, data protection, and confidential information safety. ISO, PCI DSS, and GDPR are the most critical regulations your software development vendor needs to comply with.  

Your business can grow much faster with a reliable IT partner for your software development needs. Klik Soft offers extensive expertise, a customer-oriented approach, and exceptional quality of services. Give us a call for more details. 

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