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When is it time to develop an app

When is it time to develop an app?

October 11, 2021 0 Comments

Our interactions with smartphones have skyrocketed over the last few years. According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 6.378 billion, and this means 80.76% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. This figure is up considerably from 2016 when there were only 3.668 billion users, 49.40% of that year’s global population. With more businesses and brands going into e-commerce, our consumption behavior relies heavily on our smartphones. This means that the most profitable way to market your business is to launch a mobile app.

How to identify your business readiness for app development?

First, let’s figure out the difference between a website application and a mobile application. It is quite simple: websites that aimed to ease viewing on a smartphone browser can be called a website application and apps that are meant to be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play store are called mobile apps. These apps have added features and enhanced performance that makes their usage much more convenient to consumers.

What indicators should business owners consider when analyzing if their business is ready to launch an app.

1. Having a loyal customer base.

An audience loyal to your brand will undoubtedly appreciate your effort to improve their customer experience. When you have a loyal customer base, you can be sure that your audience will try out any new advancements you bring to your brand.

2. A necessity for some unique smartphone features.

A big amount of popular apps has been developed specifically for the features of a smartphone. Sometimes, a phone’s feature could even inspire businesses to come up with an app. The best example is an app that requires your GPS location or your camera to provide you with products or services. Another example is push notifications that allow customers to be always in touch with the latest offers and innovations. Such engagement gives you a direct marketing channel.

3. Introducing a new engagement technique to your customers.

The best example of such an approach is an online shopping app that could use your photographs or camera feature to enable a ‘try on’ mode for your outfits. Having customized features can boost a loyal customers base formation. If your platform has an interactive content-based customer involvement, you should also consider developing an app, because it provides a more accessible way of connecting with an audience.

To sum up, having a mobile app is a great way to extend your brand and establish better communication with your target audience to create more trust in the long run. Additionally, you get valuable information about your customers: they set their preferences by means of their interests, budgets, location, etc. allowing you to use the input to help the app to filter products or services based on the consumer’s needs and demands. On the other hand, investment into app development is a step that must be a well-thought decision based on business needs.

When you are ready to step into mobile app development, we are here to help you. Check out our development and testing services dedicated to delivering additional value to your products and services.

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