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Application development trends for 2022 

December 7, 2021 0 Comments

Today, there are over 5 million apps available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Has the market reached its limits? Not quite. The demand for more innovative, smart apps continues to increase, creating a need for more applications.   

People rely more and more on their smartphones. This attitude will boost mobile app development in 2022.   

What trends will dominate mobile apps development in 2022 and how will they the business landscape? Let’s make some predictions.  

1. Augmented reality & VR  

Many world-leading market leaders have already adopted and implemented AR/VR technology. In 2022, this trend will only gain traction. User experience has been changed by VR-enabled devices. Application developers are starting to realize the importance of integrating VR into apps.  They can increase engagement, business efficiency, and even entertainment. For instance, Instagram has already rolled out various filters turning users’ faces into funny characters.  

2. Cloud-based applications  

Cloud computing integration is on the rise and hasn’t reached its maximum potential yet. By the end of 2022, about 85% of enterprise workloads are projected to be cloud-based. This allows for optimized costs, storage facilities, data, and app accessibility.   

3. Apps for foldable devices.  

All-new is just well overlooked old. The trend for foldable devices is back again. Recently Samsung and Motorola launched new devices: users can make calls using a folded one and unfold it to watch a video or work with certain applications. These smartphones compress and expand screen sizes. So developers and content creators, have to keep this under consideration.  

4. 5G technology  

Released to the world in 2019, 5G technology is not a novelty, it is one of the latest trends for mobile app development in the last few years. Despite the unique features of 5G technology such as low latency, increased speed, better connectivity, and enhanced bandwidth, it is still unclear how it will affect the evolution and development of mobile apps. One thing we can be sure about is the fact that mobile apps will perform faster with 5G.  

5. Mobile commerce.   

This list wouldn’t be comprehensive without mentioning mobile commerce. This trend dominated in 2019, 2020, 2021 and will most likely continue to do so in 2022. The mobile commerce market is expected to grow and reach $22 billion this upcoming year. Mobile commerce and e-commerce are not the same concepts, and they should not be confused. Mobile commerce usually uses native mobile apps to support the growing trends mobile development industries will focus on when releasing corresponding native apps.   

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